In this post, you will find 7 relevant tips, how to mix fonts with some excellent combinations from Google in the form of an infographics. I also included some practical font pairing tools that will make this task even faster and more enjoyable.

In this post you will find:

  1. 7 practical tips on how to pair fonts with combination examples from Google.
  2. Useful tools for font pairing.

Font pairing can be frustrating when you have little time for it, or you suffer from a temporary lack of ideas. But also when you don’t “feel” yet, what really looks good together. The safest way is to mix two weights from the same family (regular, bold), and probably it will look fine. However, with such an approach, it’s hard to develop designing skills and to build more original projects, it’s good to know some other ways of combining fonts.

In this post, you will find some practical tips on how to combine fonts in the form of infographics. Of course, don’t use them all at once:)! Take, let’s say three of them, about size, weight, and style (e.g. serif with sans serif fonts) and wuala! The recipe for a perfect combination is ready! To prove to you that these tips make sense:), you will also find typography combinations from Google fonts. If any of the pairings catches your eye – go ahead, download free fonts from their site and use them in your own projects.

I’ve also included some practical tools for combining fonts, which I like to use myself when I’m looking for the right typography, and which I also recommend to you.

font pairing from google

Practical tools for font pairing


It is a very useful tool for font pairing. On the top slider, select the effect you want to achieve, e.g. more similarity or high contrast, and the page, after clicking the Generate button, will prepare a ready combination for you.  Another advantage is fully editable text. I also like the ability to combine 3 fonts as it can be the most problematic.

It is a collection of over 3,000 font lists that have been used in web projects. The website offers a friendly interface, with the possibility of browsing combinations in various categories, e.g. serif fonts for the title and main text, sans-serif fonts only for the title, etc.

vector architecture background

Google-type by Femmebot

If you need to pair typography, especially from Google, check out Google-type by Femmebot. There you will find ready-made font combinations on the background of images, which makes it easier to judge how the fonts will look in real projects.

vector architecture background


Typesiration offers a collection of website samples along with ready-made font combinations from Google Fonts. At every sample, you will also find the color palette that has been used, so you can apply it in your own projects.

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This is The End…

Before you jump into pairing fonts straight away, get familiar with some principal rules. They will help you to organize the designing process and eventually save time. At least, you can always use some ready tools to make this task even faster. I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and you will pick some of the listed google font combinations in your future projects.

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