Below you will find 20 sleek websites in a minimalist style. Currently, simple project layouts are completed with contemporary animations, such as horizontal sliders, animated texts, or responding to the mouse move interactions. See what other trends are popular at the moment based on the following web examples.

Minimalism in web design hasn’t been slowing down this year, and considering the tiredness of the amount of information we receive every day, it will stay with us for a long time. Constant scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…of mobile phones and computer desktops make our brain unable to process so many details. No wonder websites overloaded with texts, graphic elements, or flashy colors arouse our irritation, and we want to leave them asap. So to keep us longer, sites owners often lean towards minimal and sleek website design projects.

Modern designs have been changing over the years, so have minimalist websites. However, some fundamentals, like a good amount of white space, or a limited number of texts and graphics, stay unchanged. When designing layout elements ask yourself, if they play a specific role, or they are just a page decoration. If the second one, is it worth adding them if you want to keep a more minimalist character? Consider if text blocks are not too long. In minimalist designs, texts should be short and to the point.

Currently, minimalist website layouts are completed with contemporary animations, like horizontal sliders, animated texts, or responding to the mouse move interactions. See what other web design trends are popular at the moment based on the website examples below. If you wish, treat them as site inspirations for your future projects.

Minimalist and sleek website design inspirations


Ferrumpipe proves that minimalist and sleek website design can be a great choice for industrial companies. To present a product, partially used storytelling. While scrolling, we see more and more graphics and texts showing the structure of the gate. At the end of the site, placed a distinct call to action in bright orange color (email link), which can’t be overlooked.

industrial website


Lots of white space, contrasting colors, a clear focal point (animated illustration), and a limited amount of graphics and texts underline the minimalist style of Caxis. At the bottom of the page, to show the cooperation process, instead of typical cards with icons, used a slider with animated graphics, which looks quite interesting.

sleek website design



Walter Sophia

It is an interesting example of a landing page. Instead of classic sections, like product features or social proof, their owners decided on a short offer’s presentation in an interactive form. Along with the scrolling, new handwritten graphics of company strategy appear. At the end of this simple, modern website, we see an extensive section with many contact options, which proves their willingness to engage.

 lading page website

Silvio Meira

The black & white website of Silvio Meira can be a good inspiration for a minimalist blog website. Posts in the blog section do not contain pictures, so the main article at the top can shine in all its glory. There are some other modern details, such as a grid at the navigation showing the structure of the web.

minimal blog

Hotel Palette

Hotel Palette to stand out, instead of animations or non-standard layout bet on color and chose the light-orange. A warm web color scheme evokes positive emotions, and this is what probably the company aimed at, considering its name and profile (consulting in the hotel branch).

hotel site


On the other hand, Embacy – graphic agency applied the basic base – black and white, and colors used only to highlight certain elements, such as a logo, project gallery, or case studies.

graphic studio website


Time for a few examples of sleek website design product pages. The first one is Libratone. A large amount of negative space, a limited number of texts, and minimalist buttons expose item images themselves. The right move is placing pictures of people. So it is easier to identify ourselves with the product users and assess the actual size of offered speakers and headphones.

product sleek website design


Finnova wishing to underline the eco-friendly approach used light colors with accents of green. Graphics elements like vertical text or delicate animations make this elegant website design more interesting.

product site


Albed designers, apart from typical navigation on the top, placed a side menu, visible all the time while scrolling the page. Thanks to it, the layout tends to the right, and the website looks more original.

product website home page

Kvell Home

The next on the list is Kvell Home. After entering the modern e-commerce website, only a few elements are visible, including the shopping cart, so you can quickly figure out what type of site it is. The products are shown in the form of a horizontal slider. The slider bar stands not only for scrolling through the next images. It is also practical navigation – after clicking the dark button, you are redirected to the product’s subpage, where you can quickly make a purchase.

eCommerce site

Collage Crafting

Another store leaning towards minimalism is Collage Crafting. While scrolling the page, there is visible all the time an icon with a bag reminding you of purchasing. There is no lack of modern animations, like falling title letters or horizontal, animated text.

eCommerce site


A minimalist approach also showed the owners of Pixenio. Thanks to the limited number of texts and graphics, a large amount of white space, and a pastel color scheme, the blue CTA button (call to action) brings to the fore, so it’s not possible to miss it.

minimalist website

Blend Digital

The Blend Digital agency used the classic color model and applied the blue from the logo to highlight some elements on the page. I would not describe the website’s style as strictly minimalist – some graphics or animations in the background seem to be unnecessary. However, what’s drew my attention, was the hero area section with an animated hover-over logo, which is well-exposed thanks to a large amount of negative space.

graphic studio website

Epok Design

Lets’ take a look at a few web design portfolio examples. Delicate pastels, thin sans-serif fonts, a limited number of elements, and a lot of white space – all this gives the Epok-Design a simple, stylish look. To show the products, they used the entire home page. While scrolling, we do not go down, but we see new projects within one screen. It has been a frequent method used for portfolio presentations recently.

graphic studio website


Kenza – the interior designer, similarly presents her work. While scrolling the home page, we see the next project cards within one screen. When a picture is clicked, we are redirected to the subpage with project details. Here, what’s interesting is a horizontal slider, which is very popular this year.

interior design website


Rotate studio chose a similar technique of displaying its work, but this time the projects’ photos were pasted into the agency’s logo in the shape of the letter “o”. Reducing the images in this way, achieved even more negative space.

graphic studio website


Rev studio showed their projects in the form of a chaotic grid, with some cards overlapping each other. Because the portfolio is the only element on the site, it looks pretty good.

graphic studio website

Dubrovska Studio

Dubrovska Studio is a sleek website design made in an ultra-minimalist style. Here, to show project details also used a horizontal slider, which can be scrolled too. Additionally, serif fonts in the titles give the page more elegance.

interior design website


What is characteristic for the Melriver website is the lack of visible calls to action. By this, the company probably wanted to underline its exclusive and non-pushy character. Of course, the contact details are available on the page, but after expanding the navigation.

sleek website design page


Sprec – a real estate agency wanting to point out its luxurious profile, chose thin sans-serif fonts for the page titles. The classic 1-column layout, the black and white color scheme, a relatively good amount of white space make the website look neat and minimalist.

real estate agency website

To is the end…

Sometimes when scrolling through minimal and sleek website design pages, you can come to the wrong conclusion that designing them is for lazy ones. After all, these sites have a reduced number of elements, which is associated with less work. Nothing more wrong! Making a design in a minimalist style requires a good analysis of the project and the content that needs to go there. Besides, often the elements themselves require more attention, and their working out takes more time than those from typical websites. What about you? Do you like minimalist web design or think it is too limited in details? If you wish, please share your comment below.

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