There are many high-value fonts available on the internet, but for a lot of them, you must pay a good amount of money. The good news is that they have their own free counterparts. And here, you'll find the list with 14 free typography alternatives to premium, popular fonts. All of them come from google fonts. So you can use them in any project you like, completely for free.

Very good readability, high quality, modern design – these features seem to be the most desirable when comes to choosing fonts. Fonts like FF Din, Proxima Nowa, Garamond, or Baskerville undoubtedly have all these advantagesHowever, using them can be expensive. On average, they cost about $30 per style, so understandably, sometimes we look for cheaper options.

Google Fonts comes to help. It is an open-source platform which means that all the fonts from the site, can be used for personal and commercial purposes for free. Among them, you can also choose these that can be great alternatives to paid, high-quality typography. Although the fonts are not identical. For instance, their letters differ in line thickness, x-height, ligatures, or ascenders and descenders, the differences often are small, or even unnoticeable. Anyway, check the list and see for yourself if the font suggestions below can be a good alternative for each other.

Modern google font alternatives to the most popular paid typography.


Avenir to Prompt - modern google font

FF Dax Ubuntu

FF Dax to Ubuntu



BaskervilleLibre Baskerville

Baskerville to Libre Baskerville

Proxima Nova Montserrat

Proxima Nova to Montserrat

FF Din Roboto

FF Din to Roboto - modern google font

Museo Slab Zilla Slab

Museo Slab to Zilla Slab

Frutiger Hind

Frutiger to Hind

Minion Crimson Text

Minion to Crimson Text

Sofia Pro Poppins

Sofia Pro to Poppins- modern google font

  FF Tisa Bitter

FF Tisa to Bitter - modern google font

  News GothicNews Cycle

News Gothic to News Cycle

  GaramondEB Garamond

Garamond to EB Garamond

  FF MetaFira Sans

FF Meta to Fira Sans

The last two positions definitely differ in structure from their paid counterparts. For instance, Ultra is much thicker than Clarendon. However, they both own a similar style and can be good alternatives for bold and eye-catching titles. 


Clarendon to Ultra- modern google font

  Bodoni PosterAbril Fatface

Bodoni Poster to Abril Fatface

This is the end…

High-quality typography can but doesn’t have to be expensive. Especially today, when access to digital products is so wide. On the internet, you can find many valuable fonts, which can be good replacements for paid and high-class typography. So if you don’t have a budget or don’t want to spend any money on it, consider using these modern google font alternatives in your future projects.

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